• PDF 417 Barcode Scanner

    PDF 417 Barcode Scanner identifies the code system and scanning direction of the bar code symbol by identifying the start and end characters.
    It determines the number of bars and spaces by measuring the number of pulsed digital electrical signals 0, 1.
    The length...
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  • Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner

    ​With custom sensors optimized for barcode scanning, Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner delivers industry-leading performance and reliability for a wide range of applications requiring multiple image scanning technologies and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
    It ensures that...
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  • Long Range 2D Barcode Scanner

    The Long Range 2D Barcode Scanner features an unmatched durability design with superior scanning performance and unmatched manageability.
    Advanced scanners can capture any 1D or 2D barcode quickly and lightningly, whether these barcodes are label barcodes.
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  • Android Handheld Barcode Scanner

    The Android Handheld Barcode Scanner has two wireless modules, 2.G and Bluetooth.
    It provides a barcode scanner that connects to a mobile phone such as an Android tablet, an iPad and a smartphone, and connects to a desktop computer via a 2.4G data receiver.
    It is...
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  • USB Automatic Barcode Scanner

    USB Automatic Barcode Scanner is an automatic detection and decoding barcode scanner.
    It is equipped with a basic stand that releases the user's hand and greatly increases work efficiency.
    The scanner metal rod can be bent at any angle to suit different needs and...
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  • Barcode Scanner with Stand

    Barcode Scanner with Stand detects the barcode you present and reads it, saving you a lot of time and reducing the cost of ownership by freeing your hands.
    It is also one of our popular USB barcode readers.
    It meets the industrial and rugged design accepted by...
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  • USB Barcode Scanner for Android Tablet

    The usability of the USB Barcode Scanner for Android Tablet is ideal for apparel, retail chains, warehouse management, e-commerce, financial insurance, commercial retail, logistics, and file management.
    It is supported by the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology and supports...
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  • Omnidirectional Scanner

    The Omnidirectional Scanner features five directional scan areas and 20 laser scan line patterns that decode all common 1D barcodes at any given angle, saving customers a lot of time, making this scanner a possible retail and point-of-sale checkout management the best choice....
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  • Table Top Barcode Scanner

    Table Top Barcode Scanner dramatically increases productivity with unparalleled scanning performance.
    It can actively scan high-density 1d barcodes from any angle, easily adapting to confined spaces, such as a large number of retail environments, including supermarkets,...
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  • 2D Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner

    The 2D Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner scan rate can reach 120 times per second in 1d barcodes, up to 60 images per second in 2d barcodes, and the scan head can be tilted 30 degrees to accommodate different barcodes.
    It also reduces the time and cost of customers, makes...
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  • IOS Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

    The IOS Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is compatible with iOS and Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.
    This offline Bluetooth barcode reader with offline memory has a memory chip that stores up to 35,000 bar codes (Ean 13) and a 2200mAh lithium battery that...
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