New applications for barcode scanners
Jul 25 , 2022

1D barcodes have been invented and used in logistics, retail, warehousing, hospitals and other industries for a long time. With the development of data acquisition technology, the efficiency has improved dramatically. First, contacted type CCD barcode scanner, Laser barcode scanner read simple 1D barcodes, such as EAN13, which are commonly used in most commodities in supermarkets. During this period, barcode scanners were used as terminals to capture data and upload it to the host.

1D barcodes only contain a limited number of digits, with the development of technology, 2D barcodes such as QR, DM, PDF417, etc. have been invented. It contains more digits than 1D barcodes and is quickly used in many industries. 2D barcodes, which can contain thousands of digits, provide the opportunity to display more information about the item, such as the original manufacturer, date, company name, etc., allowing customers to track product records.

So far, barcode scanners are arguably still used as traditional products, but with the advent of mobile payments, things have changed quickly. For example, Zhifubao, WeChat, and Apple pay allow customers to scan or be scanned payment barcodes for payment. So many self-service devices must add scanning modules to read barcodes from cell phone displays or other mobile devices. Traditional kiosks mostly only accept cash, but now they must add scanning capabilities to allow electronic payments, as more consumers dont have cash in their wallets and prefer to pay with their phones. So the barcode scanner is changed to barcode scanner module and integrated with the self-service machine. This is a major trend now, all self-service equipment vendors are starting to improve their products, which requires more scanning modules to replace barcode scanners.

In addition to the popularity of unmanned stores in China, customers choose goods and check out by themselves, that is, a scanning module is also required in the checkout system to allow customers to pay through mobile phones. This is advanced retail technology, it is a trend, so as a professional barcode scanner manufacturer, we have to make changes too, develop built-in scanning modules and cooperate with those self-service equipment suppliers.

There is also a trend in the POS industry, traditional POS system need a general barcode scanner to work, and now more and more POS suppliers are starting to add built-in scanning modules to allow WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

The market is changing rapidly, and we are well prepared to develop new products to meet demand while changing the way we sell, and now we work with more and more self-service equipment factories from all over the world.

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