2D Barcode Scanner

As a new information storage, transmission and recognition technology, QR code has received the attention of many countries since its birth. Countries not only apply QR code technology to the management of various types of documents in public security, foreign affairs, military and other departments, but also apply the QR code to the management of various reports and bills by customs, taxation and other departments, commercial, transportation, etc. The department manages the transportation of goods and goods, the management of postal parcels by the postal department, and the automated management of industrial production lines in the industrial production field.
The application of QR code has greatly improved the speed of data collection and information processing, improved people's work and living environment, and made important contributions to the scientific and modern management.
QR code devices fall into two categories: 2D Barcode Scanner and QR code printing devices.
A two-dimensional code reading device is a device for reading bar code information. It uses an optical device to convert the stripe information of the barcode into level information, which is then translated into corresponding data information by a dedicated decoder.
The QR code reading device generally does not require a driver, and can be used directly after being connected, just like a keyboard. The two-dimensional code scanning device is in the form of hand-held and fixed type.
Bar code printing equipment is mainly used for printing of two-dimensional code labels.
At present, there are two ways to print QR code labels: QR code printer printing method and software with laser printer.
Nowadays, QR code application software is also increasing. Many softwares with QR code generation function can generate text and image to generate QR code for application.
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  • 2D Barcode Scanner USB

    ​2D Barcode Scanner USB is a plug-and-play barcode scanner that is easy to operate and requires no drivers.
    It is one of our best-selling cost-effective 2D imaging barcode scanners.
    Its stylish appearance is in line with contemporary aesthetics and has the ability...
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  • USB 2D Barcode Scanner

    USB 2D Barcode Scanner recognizes all common 1D characters, data matrices and QR characters without being affected or limited by printing or direct labeling.
    It has a petite body for space-constrained environments, ensuring fast decoding of minimum 1D/2D characters.
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  • 2D Imager Barcode Scanner

    2D Imager Barcode Scanner has great resolution for processing images, barcodes and documents, supporting all major 1D, PDF, postal and 2D code formats.
    Its rugged design accommodates multiple drops and minimizes downtime.
    It features multiple onboard interfaces...
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  • QR Barcode Scanner

    ​QR Barcode Scanner identifies the bar code by the difference in signal reflected from the laser.
    Similar to the camera principle, it is all photographed, but the CCD is linear, only one sensor, qr barcode scanner can collect square images.
    It is more stable in...
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  • PDF 417 Barcode Scanner

    PDF 417 Barcode Scanner identifies the code system and scanning direction of the bar code symbol by identifying the start and end characters.
    It determines the number of bars and spaces by measuring the number of pulsed digital electrical signals 0, 1.
    The length...
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  • Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner

    ​With custom sensors optimized for barcode scanning, Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner delivers industry-leading performance and reliability for a wide range of applications requiring multiple image scanning technologies and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
    It ensures that...
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  • Long Range 2D Barcode Scanner

    The Long Range 2D Barcode Scanner features an unmatched durability design with superior scanning performance and unmatched manageability.
    Advanced scanners can capture any 1D or 2D barcode quickly and lightningly, whether these barcodes are label barcodes.
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  • Android Handheld Barcode Scanner

    The Android Handheld Barcode Scanner has two wireless modules, 2.G and Bluetooth.
    It provides a barcode scanner that connects to a mobile phone such as an Android tablet, an iPad and a smartphone, and connects to a desktop computer via a 2.4G data receiver.
    It is...
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  • USB Barcode Scanner for Android Tablet

    The usability of the USB Barcode Scanner for Android Tablet is ideal for apparel, retail chains, warehouse management, e-commerce, financial insurance, commercial retail, logistics, and file management.
    It is supported by the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology and supports...
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  • 2d Barcode Scanner Pdf417

    The 2d Barcode Scanner Pdf417 can scan 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile devices or computer screens.
    It comes with a USB port and does not require any software updates. The scanner is plug and play, very easy to use and very...
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  • Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner

    Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner XB-6266MB Product Details Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner Android XB-6266MB is a high cost effective Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner from Syble, which is a competitive Barcode Scanner Factory from China. we have experienced technology teams to develop and...
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  • Wireless QR Code Reader

    Wireless QR code Reader XB-6266BT Product Details Wireless QR Code Reader for inventory The Syble XB-6266BT is a Barcode Scanner with memory card ,which can max store 35000 barcodes (EAN13),beside the memory card we also equipped a Barcode Scanner Database for it ,at the same...
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Find professional 2D barcode scanner manufacturers and suppliers in China here. We're offering high quality barcode scanner with low price. Please rest assured to buy bulk cheap 2D barcode scanner from our factory.