1D Barcode Scanner

1D Barcode Scanner uses a new generation of high-speed, high-brightness scanning movements based on the latest patented technology, which features high first reading rate and long depth of field. The beautiful shape and flexible interface provide unparalleled convenience.
1D Barcode Scanner takes 1D barcode scanning to the next level, allowing operators to capture virtually any 1D barcode faster and at greater distances. Designed for everyday use, Bluetooth compatibility lets you enjoy wireless freedom. It has better encryption for enhanced security while also providing better overall wireless performance.
It is a high quality linear technology barcode scanner. It is ergonomically designed for a wide range of applications. Whether you want paperless or a high-performance and cost-effective bar code scanner to replace your existing equipment, it's a good choice.
Its unique linearity technology makes it an excellent performance when scanning all 1D barcodes, even when barcodes are damaged and print quality is poor.
Linear Technology Fast scan, good performance even when the scanned barcode is poor or damaged.
It is ergonomically designed for comfort, ease of use and durability.
It has an integrated universal interface to ensure easier, faster and more convenient connection to your host.
Unique decoding technology ensures efficient decoding.
A variety of feedback methods set different Wenming settings for different working environments and preferences. A variety of scanning methods, manual, induction, automatic, bracket. It can also be set to judge whether the scanning barcode repeats RS-232 and connect various mainstream PCs and terminal interfaces.
Find professional 1D barcode scanner manufacturers and suppliers in China here. We're offering high quality barcode scanner with low price. Please rest assured to buy bulk cheap 1D barcode scanner from our factory.
  • Barcode Scanner with Data Storage

    Barcode Scanner with Data Storage is a new universal barcode scanner designed for retail, logistics, warehouse and point-of-sale inspection management.
    It has consistent performance and long-lasting button life, and has an easy-to-pair method (just scan a barcode to...
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  • Handheld Wireless Barcode Scanner

    Handheld Wireless Barcode Scanner uses 2.4G wireless data transmission for faster and more stable.
    Its compact and ergonomic design is favored by customers.
    The handheld wireless barcode scanner has 4M internal memory for up to 35,000 data strings (EAN13), and we...
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  • Cordless Laser Barcode Scanner

    The Cordless Laser Barcode Scanner comes with a database and a charging dock.
    It's easy to use, plug and play, no need to install a drive.
    The advantage of the 1D wireless barcode scanner is that it allows the user to freely move the scanner into inventory without...
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  • Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner

    The Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner features a high-precision scanning head for high sensitivity, accurate scanning, and the ability to scan general missing codes.
    It uses smart bar code sorting technology, different bar code guns in the same group, can input the results...
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  • Wireless Barcode Scanner with Memory

    ​Wireless Barcode Scanner with Memory has powerful pairing capabilities, with multiple scanners for one receiver working simultaneously or multiple scanners for multiple receivers simultaneously.
    One-to-one, one-to-many mode can be set, which can be widely used in...
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  • Linear Imager Barcode Scanner

    The Linear Imager Barcode Scanner is a 1500-pixel imaging sensor that easily reads barcodes from printed paper or android and iOS devices.
    It uses the latest imaging technology and powerful decoder chips to deliver unparalleled performance.
    It is a reliable and...
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  • CCD Bar Code Reader

    The CCD Bar Code Reader uses one or more LEDs to emit light that covers the entire bar code.
    The image of the barcode is transmitted to a row of photodetectors, sampled by each individual photodiode, and the detection result of the adjacent detector is "black" or...
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  • Wireless CCD Barcode Reader

    Wireless CCD Barcode Reader uses advanced CCD technology to create new standards in the automatic identification market for OEM applications and simple factory automation.
    With innovative CCD technology, it has superior reading performance, high decoding power,...
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  • USB Automatic Barcode Scanner

    USB Automatic Barcode Scanner is an automatic detection and decoding barcode scanner.
    It is equipped with a basic stand that releases the user's hand and greatly increases work efficiency.
    The scanner metal rod can be bent at any angle to suit different needs and...
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  • Barcode Scanner with Stand

    Barcode Scanner with Stand detects the barcode you present and reads it, saving you a lot of time and reducing the cost of ownership by freeing your hands.
    It is also one of our popular USB barcode readers.
    It meets the industrial and rugged design accepted by...
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  • Plug and Play Barcode Scanner

    Plug and Play Barcode Scanner XB-2108 Product Details Plug and Play Barcode Scanner Device The Syble XB-2108 is an Industrial Barcode Reader ,also it is our NO.1 selling product since our factory founded in 2013 ,the total sale quantity of this Best Barcode Scanner reach 100K...
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  • Hands Free Barcode Scanner

    Hands free Barcode Scanner XB-2178GA Product Details Hands free Barcode Scanner for Retail store (The Syble XB-2178GA is a general purpose Barcode Scanner with high performance which caters to most 1D barcodes scanning needs ,with rugged and industrial design it stand...
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Find professional 1D barcode scanner manufacturers and suppliers in China here. We're offering high quality barcode scanner with low price. Please rest assured to buy bulk cheap 1D barcode scanner from our factory.