Barcode scanner FAQ

1. Q: The scanner device is not powered on?


1) Poor power connection

2) Blown fuse

3) The power circuit of the scanner is faulty

 2. Q: How to set up barcode scanning equipment?

Answer: Under normal circumstances, it has been set up for you. The general steps are this:

1) Do initialization: Set All Default. At this point it is almost the same, but it may be necessary:

2) Add a suffix: Enter

3) Set the barcodes it recognizes

4) If it is a serial port scanner, you also need to set RS232 according to the corresponding port of the host such as communication rate, check digit, etc.

5) If it is a serial port scanner, for the host, it also needs to run the corresponding serial port driver all the time.

3. Q: There are several reasons why the barcode cannot be read


1) The function of reading this barcode is not turned on.

2) The bar code does not meet the specifications, for example, the lack of necessary blank areas, the contrast between the bar and the space is too low, and the ratio of the width and the width of the bar and the space is inappropriate.

3) Direct sunlight, the photosensitive device enters the saturation zone.

4) The surface of the bar code is covered with transparent material, and the reflectivity is too high. Although the bar code can be seen by the eyes, the reading conditions of the collector are strict and cannot be read.

5) Hardware failure, please contact your dealer for repair.

4. Q: The LED is off, there is no beep, and there is no laser.


1) The power of the scanner is off, the scanner is not powered or the data cable interface is loose, and the contact is bad.

2) Check the wire of the scanner to ensure that the computer is properly powered and the data cable is connected to the scanner again.

5. Q: The scanner scans, the buzzer is normal, and there is no data transmission.

Answer: The scanner is set incorrectly; the wire is broken. Refer to the instruction manual to ensure that the corresponding settings using the corresponding data cable are correct.

6. Q: After connecting the serial cable, there is no data transmission when reading the code.

Answer: Not set to serial port mode or communication protocol error. Set the serial port scanning mode to serial port mode and reset it to the correct communication protocol.

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